I. press press 1 [pres] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to try hard to persuade someone to do something:

• Investor Harold Simmons is pressing to have the company's annual meeting delayed.

press somebody to do something

• Finance Ministry officials are pressing the brokerage houses to eliminate the problem.

• The extension will give the union more time to press Chrysler to keep the plant open.

2. [transitive] if someone presses a claim, demand etc, they continue trying to get it accepted:

• China is pressing its claim to the scattered territories, some of which have oil-drilling potential.

• We will continue to press our case vigorously in the courts.

3. press charges, press an action LAW to say officially that someone has done something illegal and must go to court:

• A Citicorp official said the bank would not be pressing charges.

• The government is pressing a civil action to get the money from investors.

press (somebody) for something phrasal verb [transitive]
to try hard to achieve something, especially by persuading someone to accept a plan, suggestion etc:

• The U.S. and French oil companies are said to be pressing for production-sharing arrangements.

• Shareholders may press for changes that would make the company more profitable.

• Bulk buyers are increasingly pressing drug makers for price discounts.

press ahead phrasal verb [intransitive]
also press on to continue doing something difficult in a determined way:

• The company has vowed to press ahead, despite the threat of a global boycott.

press ahead with

• The company pledged to press on with its new strategy.

  [m0] II. press press 2 noun
1. the press the people writing for the newspapers, radio, or television:

• The judgement reflected badly on the press, including his own newspaper.

• a meeting with the financial press

2. [singular, uncountable] reports in the newspapers and on radio and television:

• a savage attack on the banking sector in the local press reports.

• Criticism from the investigation committee could lead to some unpleasant press coverage (= reports in the newspapers, on television etc ) .

• The FBI has been getting a bad press lately (= there have been a lot of reports criticizing it in the newspapers etc ) .

3. [countable] a business that prints and sometimes sells books:

• a small independent press

• the University of Chicago Press

* * *

press UK US /pres/ verb [I or T]
to try hard to persuade someone to do something: »

The committee pressed him to reveal more information.

press (sb) for sth »

The lawyers are likely to press for a settlement of claims.

press charges — Cf. press charges
press your case — Cf. press your case
press UK US /pres/ noun
(also the press) COMMUNICATIONS newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio that broadcast news, or the people who work for newspapers, etc.: in the press »

The company's problems have been widely reported in the press.

freedom of (the) press »

He was an outspoken activist in favor of freedom of press and freedom of speech.


The press was present at the briefing in large numbers and asked some awkward questions.


local/national press


press reports/coverage


press reporters/photographers

[S or U] the judgment that is given about someone or something in the newspapers or on radio or television: (a) good/bad press »

The announcement has had a generally good press.

[C] a business that publishes and sometimes prints books, etc.: »

Cambridge University Press

[C] PRODUCTION a machine that is used for printing books, etc.: »

a printing press

go to press — Cf. go to press

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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